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Under the Sea Concept

Overall Concepts:

Wave pool Mermaids in pool •Photo opp •Crowns •Makeover / Airbrushing / Tattoos Shells in pool •Seaweed Swim up bar Touchtank Water balloon games Sand grotto Scales + Shells vibe Yellow submarine Changing booth (get into your bathing suit) Ice luge / Slide into pool Under water photo booth Pandora’s box of pool toys Mist stations (beach shower) Slip N Slide Hydration station Fish tanks Seaweed rope space divider

Photo opps: Under water photo booth Waterfall photo opp Treasure chest full of goodies Mermaid photo app Mermaid tail photo op Wow moments: Marching band of jellyfish Bandana spray paint art-installation moment Roaming pirates (magic tricks, funny jokes, photos) Mermaid sings a siren song

Swag: Stylish shower caps Branded sunscreen + lip balm Parasals Branded super soakers Fans iPhone fan Branded sarange Phone batteries Waterproof phone cases Branded cool off towels Towels Swag fishing Water ponchos

Water: Hear music under water Pool full of color Magenta pool Can we dye the pool magenta? Ice sculptures - to drink off Inflatable bull riding Underwater phone calls / txts Swim up bar Flowers in the pool Water color art Fountains you can dip your feet in Mermaids

Badges: Bandanas are badges Insta handles on badges Spin art badges Choker credential

Activation: Surf lessons in a wave pool IV Drip Massages from hot men Photo Fuji cameras Aura Photo Booth Giant boomerang video “Jump into Pool” boomerang Waterfall photo moment Drone show with streamers or glitter Photo op is out and performances based Treasure chest photo op Seating Hammocks F+B: Soft serve ice cream Booze pop - Push pop Selfie cookies Smoothies + Pina colada bar Ice pops Dippin dots Sno cones Infusion shots (mocktails)

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