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Tattly now designs custom temporary tattoos for corporate events. Could be marketed as:

  • Tattoo Bar - a Tattly employee applying brand-specific or custom chosen from their options for the event

  • Another version of Commitment writing on the arms video/photo shoot

  • Include in invitation or gift, swag, marketing materials, or meeting seat package (pen, pad, custom tattoo/sticker)


Have we used them before? No



47 Bergen Street 2nd Floor Brooklyn, NY 11201

phone: 1-347-335-0893



Here is their catalogue for an idea of what they offer.

Here are pricing grids for metallic tattoos and color tattoos based on size.

Also, if you want to have a staffed event booth: 

The base price is approximately $1,000 for 1 attendant for up to 4 hours in the NYC area. They bring the events set-up, help keep the area tidy, and use our expert experience to tatt up your guests.

*FYI: The Tattly designs are not included in the price.

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