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Innovative mixed media installations created with projection, light, string, and tape. Jacob M Fisher  is a New York based installation artist known mainly for his large-scale string and light work. He has pushed the boundaries of the way string can be used and transformed to create distinct forms & structures. Through the use of this material the work finds a unique aesthetic between organic and synthetic.

His work straddles the line between numerous disciplines, equating architectural forms, compositional art elements, and design principles through the use of a simple & singular material. Although string is the primary material Jacob works with, he has experimented in multiple mediums, and through the use of unconventional and unexpected materials, overwhelming repetition, and pure scale, he creates immersive installations that are experiential and transformative. His art gives viewers the chance to escape the mundane into a new world of perception. His work deals in momentary infinities.

The majority of Jacob’s installations are temporal, creating an ephemeral moment and permanent memory for viewers when they experience the work. The digital age has allowed these moments to become lasting digital artifacts. The juxtaposition of permanent and ephemeral as it relates to installation art is at the core of Jacobs practice, and guides his work as an artist. Jacob founded studioSPACEnyc now YTG Agency, in September of 2016 along with Richard J. Heby, and previously served as their lead artist. Have created custom branded installations for corporate events mainly in fashion and beauty industries. Creative Lab Field trip to Studio in Long Island City and Wallplay Exhibit on Canal St. Artistic Manager: Richard Heby Artist: Jacob Fisher

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