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Four Freedoms Park


Tasked with communicating the "First Amendment" theme, we designed and implemented creative elements for Four Freedom's Park Sunset Garden Party. 


The event included mixed seating for 300 that allowed for easy views of the stage and separate, aesthetically diverse conservation areas. 

Paper Flowers 3
Book Centerpiece
Centerpiece 4
Centerpiece back 2
Plexi Wall 1
South Lawn 2
Place Settings
Furniture 2
Introduction 2
Tent from stairs
FDR Tent 1


Centerpieces featured multiple forms of expression protected under the First Amendment - Protest Art, Banned Books, Famous broadcast Journalists, Landmark First Amendment Cases, and Famous stories and reports by Tom Brokaw, the event’s honorary speaker.  


We made it feel like a “garden party” by hanging plants and incorporating wood, communal furniture. 


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